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Spectacular is a brand consultancy headquartered in Dubai, UAE. Our aim is to provide small and mid-size companies best in class branding services and help them become successful brands. Therefore we have incorporated the knowledge gained from over 25 years of brand communication work for large, renown brands such as high-tech companies, private banks, consumer goods producers or governmental organisations into our Five-Step Brand Setup Process. From market and brand analysis to development and creation – it covers all the needed steps for creating a strong brand in a standardised way.

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It takes appropriate analysis, goal setting and definition of the unique distinctiveness of your offering from the very beginning. You need the skills and expertise of experienced brand experts, designers and consultants who understand your business, your industry and your market. It usually takes a brand consultancy, a design studio and a long process to work you to develop a customized solution. For many companies starting out, this is too long and expensive a journey. This is where our Five-Step Brand Setup Process comes into play.

Every company can become a brand. With our Five-Step Brand Setup Process.

Dare to be different, to be big, to be unique.

Invest into your business so it can become a brand.

We help Start-ups start.

Start-ups must manage many very essential things from the very beginning. Things for that other companies have years, if not decades, to do. Developing and managing a brand from the scratch represents one of the most important investments in the future and success of the company. To succeed, start-ups usually do not have a second, third or fourth chance when it comes to branding. The special nature of the idea, the business model, and the transfer of this to a tangible and differentiated brand must succeed right from the start. This is about much more than mere design. It is about the essence and the attractiveness of the brand. Innovative spirit, coolness, a special culture and added value must fascinate and convince at every touchpoint. With our brand-focused approach and experience from many professional branding and rebranding projects, we are the ideal partner for this task. We have a dedicated brand setup package for start-ups. Just hit the button below and we will get in touch you to get your start-up brand started.

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